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Susan Torborg is teaching priests, seminarians, parishioners, homeschool moms, health club members, and corporations the skill of weight loss and guiding them to better physical fitness.

Susan Torborg
B.S. Exercise Science, OCDS

Susan Torborg created the R3 Weight Loss Plan. Tens of thousands of people follow it and are having success. Bishop Andrew Cozzens from the St. Paul/ Minneapolis Diocese blessed it and welcomed her into the St. Paul Seminary. She is a national speaker and leads wellness workshops all over the country. Currently, Susan spends much of her time visiting priests and seminarians. She teaches the clergy and their parishioners the skill of weight loss and guides them to better physical fitness. She is invited to lead parish workshops and is often a guest speaker at women’s retreats and national health conferences.

Please read more about Susan and her work at the Catholic Spirit.

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“Physical Health and holiness are connected. Temperance teaches us to discipline our physical and emotional drives in order to be able to make our lives more a gift in imitation of Jesus. R3 Weight Loss Plan is helping the clergy, seminarians and laity learn the virtue of temperance. It is based on science and psychology and it teaches freedom and healing through healing your body of sugar and carb addictions. When your body is nourished properly, you have more energy and experience also the gift of weight loss. Ultimately, this makes us more free and healthy, so we can be who Jesus wants us to be and carry out our mission. Since everything in our life is connected, when we grow in discipline in our body, our spiritual and emotional lives become in better order as well. I have seen the fruits of R3 in many lives and have experienced its fruit in my own life. I recommend it for any person wanting to improve their physical and spiritual health.”

+Andrew Cozzens, Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

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Rev. Robert Malagesi, MSSCC
Pastor, Saint Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church in Waynesboro, PA

Learn about a great support group for priests only! Visit priestfit.com to learn more.

Fr. Robert and Susan Torborg
Fr. Robert lost 80 lbs following the R3 Weight Loss Plan and has learned how to maintain his improved health.

Parish Workshops

During free workshops, parishioners learn about the R3 Weight Loss Plan and the skill of weight loss.

Seminary Program

Susan teaches an easy system to follow with Ongoing Wellness for Clergy and Seminarians—Our Future Priests.

Exercise Classes

Susan brings her fitness classes to your parish. Request a class.

Public Speaking

Susan is a guest speaker on varying health topics including nutrition, fitness, weight loss—all in the spirit of faith.

In the News

Read an in-depth interview with Susan in the Catholic Spirit.

Success Stories

Read Susan’s clients’ testimonials about their successes with the R3 Weight Loss Plan.

Before and After

See before and after photos of Susan’s clients.