Susan Torborg

Creator of The R3 Weight Loss Plan, Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist, Speaker

Married 25 years, mother of 5, OCDS professed Carmelite

Susan was born the youngest daughter of 3 girls and raised Catholic in Syosset, on Long Island, NY. She made her First Communion and Confirmation but her faith was never very important to her. She was an athletic, fit young girl and kept busy playing sports. After high school, she attended Arizona State University where she received her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Arizona State University in 1993. Soon after graduation she received her certification as a Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer from The American College of Sports Medicine.

In college Susan began getting into great physical shape. Other girls on campus would ask her for help to do the same. Helping others feel good about themselves brought her great joy. While Susan looked great on the outside, on the inside her soul was searching and crying out for something to fill the painful void she felt in her life. She later realized she was searching for God!

In the early years of her career, Susan worked with a wide variety of clients, establishing herself as a diverse and adaptable trainer. Over the next 20 years she developed and implemented programs for health clubs, corporate fitness centers, community education programs, senior classes, pre- and post-natal programs, fibromyalgia classes, aquatic training for arthritic patients, cardiovascular rehabilitation programs-post surgery, and sport specific training for athletes. She also personal trained men and women at all fitness levels.

It was right after graduating college that she hit “rock bottom.” Even though her career was taking off, she felt lonely, empty and depressed. The choices she was making in her personal life were catching up with her and this was the pivotal time in her life she cried out to God in pain for help. The next two years would be what she calls the most amazing “conversion of healing and forgiveness” in her life that would fuel her to this day to live and work for God. Her work became her silent ministry for meeting people where they were and many experienced their own personal healings and walked closer with God after becoming physically healthier.

Susan realized this was her passion and decided to make a career of helping people, while staying fit herself. “I believe finding what you love to do and making a career of it brings much joy to one’s life. I love what I do and it has never felt like a job!” She brought her knowledge and faith into women’s prisons, crisis pregnancy centers and drug rehab centers. “My life of helping other people has truly been a gift from God. It took a lot of pain and suffering and years of becoming ready to be open to God to experience healing and forgiveness to be ready to do His work.”

Susan learned how to work around her five children’s lives. She home schooled them for many years until her husband was laid off. She then focused more on her developing business and they began attending Catholic School. During the past ten years, she began studying the Carmelite way and attending her local Carmelite community once a month. Her vocation in Carmel blossomed and she made her Temporary Promise, three years later her First Promise and three years later in May of 2017, she made her Definitive Promise as a Professed Carmelite, taking the name Susan of St. Mary Magdalene of the Merciful Heart of Jesus. This day was one of the most glorious days of her life!

Susan focuses on helping people increase their metabolisms through proper nutrition. Many clients have experienced improvements in energy and endurance, long-term weight loss, cholesterol, diabetes (lowered A1C sugar numbers), improvements with Irritable Bowell Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and diverticulitis. Clients have also experienced decreases in blood pressure, pain and inflammation, asthma symptoms and allergies, headaches and migraines, as well as improved balance of hormones, healthy menstrual cycles and fertility.

Susan has been married to Jim for 25 years and is the mother of five children, John 23, Maria 20, Joseph 16, Bridget 13 and Jacob 10. Sharing her knowledge, time and gifts with other people and witnessing their improved health makes her feel extremely satisfied. She praises God because everything is a gift!