Public Speaking

Susan has spoken at women’s retreats, medical conferences, mom’s groups, book clubs, health clubs and gyms and chiropractor’s clinics, to name a few. Most recently she spoke at the Aicardi Medical Conference in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Parish Workshops

Susan brings her knowledge of how to live a balanced healthy life to parishes. She has partnered with Cathy Carson, instructor for, and they teach how to balance physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Susan teaches the skill of weight loss and weight management through her R3 Weight Loss Plan and Cathy teaches the importance of physical and spiritual health—and how to combine the two for a balanced and healthy life.

Health Clubs

Susan has been a guest speaker at local health clubs teaching people how to reset their metabolism by eating real food. 


Susan has spoken at numerous retreats on various topics, usually regarding being healthy, spiritually , physically and emotionally.