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Hope DeMeter‪

“I am type 2 diabetic and have a super hard time losing weight. R3 is the only thing that has helped me. 6 weeks lost 10 pounds and 17 inches. I was overjoyed.”


Dionne IMob Myers Tuplin‪

“It took me over A YEAR to take the plunge and follow the R3 plan. I let my fears get the best of me. After realizing that things would only get worse if I didn’t make a change, I gave R3 a go. Once I made the decision and started the plan, everything changed. I looked at food differently, followed the plan and looked forward to my meals. In my first 6 weeks, I lost 7 lbs. and 19.5 total inches. I wasn’t afraid of food anymore. I didn’t have the guilt anymore. R3 changed all that.”


Jami M. Walker Jann‪

“R3 has literally not only changed my life, but saved my life! I am confident that without it, I would still be on the vicious path of horrible medications, more weight gain, not able to move, and all that comes with battling psoriatic arthritis. My husband has his wife back, my kids have a mom they really never knew becaue I was always in pain and never able to do ANYTHING, and I am completely in love with the new version of me! I love the life I am living now because of R3!!”


Starlene Walker Cole‪

“After 25 years of trying to lose my “baby weight,” I’m R3 and living free! Free of 20+ pounds and 30+ inches! R3 Rocks!”


Christine Whitmore‪

“I had been overweight since my teenage years. I tried everything but would just gain back more after I quit.

I started my health journey in the middle of July 2015 and through the end of 2016, I lost 60 lbs. (I previously lost 10-15 lbs here and there.)

‪But, in 2017 I stalled. I could not lose. I would gain 2 lbs and then lose a lb, etc. It wasn’t until I started R3 on March 16th that I finally started to lose weight. In 10 weeks, I lost 15 lbs. and 20 inches! This is what helped me to finally reach one of my milestones of finally being in the ‘Onederlands’! I have not been under 200 lbs in 30 years!

‪I have now lost 85 lbs. and have 19 lbs. to reach my second milestone of 180 lbs. R3 is the sensible real life weight loss plan! With R3 and exercise, anything is possible! I am so happy!”

‪P.S. I am now wearing a size 14 dress! I used to be size 26!


Dave Whitmore

I had already lost most of the weight I wanted to lose. But I still had a belly that just wouldn’t go. Thanks to R3 I am having success seeing some of that flab disappear.


Elena Y Mauricio Reyes

My story might not be as dramatic as others; it has taken me 6 months to lose 32 pounds but it has given me the knowledge, the tools and the support to succeed. I knew there was something I was fighting against in my battle to lose weight because no matter how hard I tried, weight loss has been very slow. A health crisis (an episode of Afib) led me to seek answers that the ER, primary care doctor and cardiologist were not able to give. I went to a functional medicine doctor/nutritionist, who did lab work, and took the time to ask tons of questions and consider all my symptoms, and found out I have liver dysfunction, insulin resistance, which makes weight loss really hard, a chronic bacterial infection, really low iron, and really low vitamin D. Today he gave me a treatment plan which includes a diet plan, and I was amazed that he gave me the same basic rules/principles as R3, approved for me to continue taking a variety of tools Susan recommended, as well as specific supplements to deal with the conditions I mentioned. He is confident that cleaning my liver and dealing with the insulin resistance will enable me to lose weight and prevent a future Afib episode. He was very supportive. He was also very pleased with my eating plan and said it was going to make it easier to treat my problems. I’m also very happy to share that my cardiologist took me off the beta blocker he put me on for 3 weeks since I only had one episode. We still don’t know if it’s going to be a chronic condition. Thank you Susan for this wonderful plan! It’s been God’s gift to me! ?


Michelle Autumn Pyne

I started R3 after a shake program that wasn’t realistic. I dropped 40lbs in 2 months. It cost way too much and I wasn’t eating at all.
I have now comfortably lost 15 more lbs since starting R3 in March by changing my eating habits alone — kept it off and am still losing weight and still get to have my favorite foods.